How much does board and paddle gear cost?

When you are looking to buy a board and paddle gear, the cost is a crucial factor. How expensive is the gear? What are the prices of boards and paddle gear? 



Having a board when you want to go on the waves at sea is quite the basics. There are different brands, sizes, and shapes of boards and as a result, different kinds of prices. Among the brands you can find: Acoway, Airgymfactory, awesafe and others. Some brands include accessories with the boards like water proof accessory bag, traveling bag etc.

Price: can get as low as 119 dollars and over 1,000 dollars. The price may be affected by the brand, size, and shape of the board, and by the included extra accessories.


The leashes are an important piece of gear. It’s attached to your leg and to your board to prevent your board from drifting after you fell of a wave. The leash can come in different colors and different lengths. Some of them may include a waterproof case for a smartphone.

Price: can get as low as 10 dollars, and over 50 dollars. The price may be affected by the length of the leash, brand, or extra accessories.



The paddles can come in different sizes, can be made of different materials and be of different brands. While there are paddles of one size, there are also paddles of 2 or 3 pieces which gives you the option of adjustment.

Price: can be as low as 25 dollars and over 350 dollars. The price can be affected by the brand of the paddle and the material it is made of.

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To summarize

When you are looking to equipped yourself for the open sea, the price of your equipment is an important factor. The basic equipment is the boards. There are different sizes and brands of boards, which may affect the price. The price can start at 119 dollars and get over 1,000 dollars.

Leashes prices are affected by their length, brands, and accessories. Their prices can start at 10 dollars and get over 50 dollars. The paddles can be of different brands and made of different materials. Their prices can start at 25 dollars and get over 350 dollars. The prices and brands at the online store can be changed from time to time.

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