Anything but white! what you should wear as a wedding guest

Weddings are often a very serious business, especially when it comes to clothing. People are often unaware of what is acceptable to wear and what isn’t, which can lead to confusion and embarrassment. That’s why a certain unwritten code has appeared that dictates what suits a wedding and what doesn’t. Here are several clothing styles and accessories that are fit for a wedding.



Gowns are often the go – to option for women at a wedding. These floor – length gowns are often a great choice for formal wedding occasions, complete with tuxedos and ties. Their length and elegance are fitting for an event such as a wedding, without detracting too much from the look of the bride and their dress.

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Casual Attire

While not as common as formal weddings, casual weddings have become increasingly popular throughout the years. This permits the attendees to come dressed in their everyday clothing items, relieving them of any demanding dress requirements. This is perfect for those who fear rivaling the bride’s wedding dress since it’s very likely that the bride will be dressed informally as well.


Themed Clothing

Themed weddings have also become quite popular in recent years. Themed weddings describe a wedding with a certain style and character which is predetermined by the newlywed couple. His could be a tropical wedding with Hawaiian t-shirts or a wedding where everyone is dressed in the same color. In this case, you should adapt your style to the demands of the couple and simply do as they say.

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Cocktail Attire

Cocktail weddings are somewhat less formal than formal weddings but still offer elegance. Their emphasis also includes comfort and ease during the event. This means that women should wear dresses that are not floor – length, but instead reach their knee or tea – length. For a few great options for such dresses, visit and find what you need.



Purses are a great choice for any of the above – mentioned wedding types, as well as much more. Not only are they practical, but they are also very stylish and elegant on most wedding occasions. There are also very few restrictions on purses in terms of fashion and setting, so you don’t need to buy a new purse for every wedding you attend.



There are many different wedding dress codes, each with its definitions and restrictions. Try to match your attire to the wedding itself, and you’ll have no problem looking sharply for the occasion.

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