Planning a Kitchen Remodel: What You Need to Know

Kitchen Remodeling

A kitchen remodel and redesign can be a demanding project to undertake, however, a successful project can refresh and transform a tired or outdated kitchen space. Kitchens are renowned for being a particularly challenging spaces to design.

A contemporary kitchen has become a multi-functional space, needing to accommodate living, working, dining and socializing in addition to the more usual culinary and food preparation areas.

Kitchen furniture, appliances, food preparation areas and storage capacity will all be central to the decision-making required. Floor, wall and ceiling finishes will be important decisions. Colors, floor finishes, tile designs, work top and food preparation materials will all complement and influence any kitchen remodeling design.

Kitchen Remodeling

Planning a Kitchen Remodel: What You Need to Know

When planning a future kitchen redesign, it can be beneficial and cost-effective to consider the services of an experienced contractor. For any such project, or a potential kitchen remodels in Los Altos, valuable support and guidance can be provided during the planning and construction phases.

In developing a new kitchen design or layout, a budget and time-frame will be the essential first areas to establish some important parameters. The support of a reputable contractor will ensure these two elements are accurate, realistic and achievable.

A very useful step, at an early stage, will be to draw up current floor plans, existing layouts and furniture locations. Most contractors can efficiently produce these details and reproduce them digitally. They can be invaluable when considering the various options for storage, food preparation, appliances, overall layout and finishes.

Modern technology will enable any client to assess, amend and adapt potential designs or layouts, on a home computer or tablet. Digital capabilities can also provide 3D imaging, which will enable finishes and colors to be visualized.

The choice of appliances will be an important decision in any kitchen remodeling project. These are amongst the more costly elements of any project, and integrating appliances within any kitchen layout will be important. Identifying sale periods, special offers and opportunities to purchase discounted appliances, may create budget savings that can be utilized on other areas of any proposed remodel.

The use of space, storage facilities and layouts will be central to a successful remodel. Imaginative, creative solutions incorporating central islands, high-level shelving and hanging pot racks can all contribute to a design-led finish and an efficient, impressive final product.


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