Most Recommended Restaurants for Hosting an Event in Tel Aviv

In need of Tel Aviv’s best intimate event venues?  Some of Tel Aviv’s restaurants feature event complexes, while others boast Italian, Asian, Mediterranean, French, etc. menus and state-of-the-art technical amenities. Find here some of the most recommended restaurants for hosting an event in Tel Aviv:


Lechem Basar, Tel Aviv

What could be more authentic than a happening at the trendy and modern port of Tel Aviv? Lechem Basar, Tel Aviv, a trendy and popular meat restaurant in Tel Aviv, has a unique event area designed for organizing high-end boutique parties with up to 120 guests. The Kosher restaurant Lehem Basar welcomes you to its world, where meat and bread reign supreme.

The specialty breads are sure to whet your stomach before you ever see the extensive menu, which features dishes like chicken salad, grilled fish, and Entrecôte steak. Spend a relaxing afternoon or evening at Lehem Basar by the sea in Tel Aviv, and then take a stroll on the promenade afterward to digest. read more about lechem basar

restaurants for hosting an event in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv’s Pinat Hashlosha Restaurant

Tel Aviv’s Pinat Hashlosha takes great pride in playing host to a variety of exciting and celebratory events. We frequently accompany both private and public events, including weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, birthday celebrations, and even business conferences and formation days.

The restaurant has a private room and the modern and stylish Trio halls adjacent to the restaurant may accommodate gatherings of 20 to 120 people.

Tel Aviv’s Pinat Hashlosha Restaurant has an extensive menu featuring a wide selection of quality Bukhari dishes, as well as a number of different types of meat and, in particular, succulent skewers. We’ll assist you in arranging the appropriate meal, music, and screen presentations for your event. “Be prepared” for a friendly and attentive experience. read more about restaurants in Tel Aviv on telaviv website



In a setting rich with art, innovation, and inspiration, Orshina plays host to business and social gatherings. The loft of artist and event planner Iris Samara is where you’ll find Orshina, a Japanese-inspired setting offering boutique hospitality.

restaurants for hosting an event in Tel Aviv

At Orshina Tel Aviv, you’ll find:

  • A fully furnished kitchen with a spice rack at your disposal, along with the use of the rest of the apartment.
  • Adaptable, modular layout that may change to suit the preferences of the visitors (up to 60 people).
  • State-of-the-art media resources, including a projector, screen, audio system, microphones, and more.
  • Tailoring the specifics of the event and hospitality to each individual attendee.
  • Easily accessible, central location in Tel Aviv.


The Regina Restaurant in Tel Aviv

Entertaining a small number of people for a business or personal occasion? Places for intimate gatherings in Tel Aviv, anyone? You’ll want to organize lunch or dinner events at the Regina restaurant in Tel Aviv’s central station complex.

The Regina Restaurant in Tel Aviv is open 24 hours a day, all night long, and can host small events for up to 150 guests. The restaurant adheres to a strict kosher menu too!

restaurants for hosting an event in Tel Aviv

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