Can I get a U.S document notarized in Israel?

Notarizing documents is necessary for a number of legal processes. Whether you need to submit a contract to a bank or to a governing authority, through Rachel Schachar U.S notary in Israel, you can have your documents notarized and authorized for use abroad.


How can American notaries work abroad?

In the USA, notaries are authorized to handle contracts and documents within the bounds of their state only. When they go abroad, they are of course no longer in their states, and therefore they no longer have the authority to work.

The traditional route of notarizing documents abroad is through the Embassy. However, in Israel, the Embassy is notorious for being busy, and it can take months to get an appointment, by which your contract deadline may have passed. Traveling into the U.S is costly and difficult logistically.

However, there is still a way to have documents notarized and approved for use in the United States. This is by hiring a local notary and then having the notarized document authorized through the Ministry of Justice.

Notary Rachel Schachar is experienced in this process. With a number of offices throughout Israel, consult with Rachel Schachar to have documents notarized and ready for U.S use in just a few hours.

U.S document notarized

What can I expect from my meeting with Rachel Schacher, American notary?

After an initial meeting in one of the offices in Tel Aviv, Herzeliya, Jerusalem or Kiryat Ono, your documents will be transferred to the Kiryat Ono offices for the notary’s apostille, as well as any additional certification or translation the document might need.

Schachar’s clients benefit from her knowledge of and contact with American title companies, and by extension their requirements and instructions on how notary documents should reach them. This means minimizing any potential delays or errors in what is already a strenuous process for many.

Pricing is set at the Ministry of Justice’s discretion. Note that although the notary and apostille services themselves are regulated in price, you may require some additional elements, such as translation or additional certification. If you think this may be the case, feel free to discuss it ahead of time with the notary.

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