How to Prepare for a Valentine’s Day Wedding

January 30, 2017 11:07 am Published by

Valentine's Day Table Decor - Wedding Photographer La JollaMany couples choose to say their vows on the most romantic holiday – the Valentine’s Day. Love is virtually everywhere, and everyone’s in the mood for celebrating it. If your big day happens to be on February 14, here’s how you can boost the love with these Valentine’s Day-inspired ideas.

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The Colors of Love

As we all know, red is the traditional color of love. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to, say, white and red. Besides, a lot of red will not look that good in your wedding photos since it’s really striking. If you insist on red, go for different shades, with paler shades dominating the interior décor and blood-red for accent pieces.

As far as other colors go, you can’t go wrong with hot pink paired with light pink and ballet-slipper-pink. It’s a delicate combination. On the other hand, if you want to go for something unexpected, go for the formal black-and-white décor, and accentuate it with red details, such as candles, floral centerpieces, chandeliers, and/or napkins.

The Eternal Flame of Love

Everyone will tell you that lighting makes or breaks the mood of a place. And if you wish to create a romantic mood, you simply have to choose candles. Floating tea candles placed in sleek hurricane vases give off an aura of sophistication. Distribute them on the reception tables and transform your wedding venue into an intimate restaurant.

The Name of a Rose

If there ever was a flower that signified love, it was, is, and will always be – a rose. So, red roses are definitely the safest choice. Nevertheless, you can make interesting floral centerpieces from different flowers that have a certain meaning. Discover the symbolic meanings of different flowers and choose the ones that will fit both your desired décor and wedding theme.

Love at First Bite

It’s common knowledge that sharing a meal creates a pleasant atmosphere among people. Use this trick to create a positive vibe among your guests. Make sure the food is both visually appealing and stimulating to the palate.

Your wedding cake will definitely be the most explicitly mouth-watering element of the wedding. Make it match the venue décor with a carefully chosen glaze color and design.

Also, you can place large glass bottles on the tables and fill them with love notes and chocolate hearts. And if you want to be truly decadent, each guest can be served an individual-sized chocolate cake. It’s sure to boost sugar levels to just the right amount.

The Love Booth

Last but definitely not least – don’t forget the love booth! You can make it into a traditionally heart-shaped booth, and add Valentine’s Day props – cupid wings, arrows, hearts – you name it! Have your guests pose and have fun, and you’ll have some truly memorable moments captured in your wedding photographs. Just imagine, there might even be a first love or two born in your wedding love booth; don’t let it slip away – make sure it’s captured for your wedding album.

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