Top 10 San Diego Wedding Venues with High Rating

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Top Wedding Venues - Wedding Photographer in San DiegoTraditional weddings used to be bound to banquet halls and restaurants.

But you know what?

You can have both your wedding ceremony and reception in special places like the beach, park, museum, under the sea – you name it.

No matter how original you wish to be, though, you would have to account for at least food and drinks for your guests. Preferably, the venue you choose will provide these, as well as additional services.

Here is the list of wedding venues with excellent rating regarding their staff’s professionalism and level of service, as well as their unique appeal.

The Prado Weddings & Events, Balboa Park

The Prado Weddings & Events offers an exciting blend of traditional class and glamour with modern trends. Located in Balboa Park, it provides the opportunity to have your wedding ceremony in Casa Del Rey Moro Gardens, with the exclusive reception package that includes dishes prepared by their award-winning culinary team, as well as the use of porcelain china and elegant gold Chiavari chairs. You can also get a catering service in some of Balboa Park museums, if you choose to have your reception there.

University Club Atop Symphony Towers, Downtown San Diego

Considered one of the most experienced wedding venues in San Diego, University Club Atop Symphony Towers is also popular due to its bargain prices, said to be almost incomparably lower than their competitors’. Despite being affordable, this venue offers first-class service and boasts breathtaking views of San Diego.

The NTC Venues at Liberty Station, San Diego

Liberty Station is a highly versatile wedding venue, because it offers a wide variety of sites to choose from. The bride and groom could go for a charming historical wedding chapel or a romantic reception in the garden, or any other available site, and are guaranteed a unique wedding experience. The NTC Venues truly offer something for everyone, catering both to their taste and budget.

Japanese Friendship Garden, San Diego

This venue boasts stunning views of Balboa Park and is perfect for nature-lovers. With exotic trees, sumptuous ponds and stylish fountains, Japanese Friendship Garden provides the setting for a truly unforgettable event.

Bernardo Winery, Rancho Bernardo

Bernardo Winery is not only a popular tourist attraction, but also a veteran in the wedding planning business, with a little less than three decades of experience. Due to a variety of different sites, it is well suited for both indoor and outdoor receptions. While Rosario’s Pavilion comfortably accommodates larger parties, the 125-year-old Barrel Room is better suited for more intimate ceremonies. On the other hand, Vito’s Park boasts lovely gazebos and lush vineyards and is an excellent place for a large outdoor wedding.

Leo Carrillo Ranch, Carlsbad

A picturesque oasis, Leo Carrillo Ranch is famous as ‘’Carlsbad’s Sleeping Beauty’’. Being a historic landmark, it shows off Spanish-style architecture typical for San Diego. Leo Carrillo Ranch bursts with colors, since it is home to birds of paradise and colorful peacocks. The antique windmills add up to its rustic charm, which overall provides a unique backdrop for an outdoor wedding reception.

Paradise Falls, Oceanside

Paradise Falls is another spectacular option for an outdoor wedding, although it is also suitable for indoor weddings. Outdoor venues feature a dance floor, which guarantees a memorable and interactive experience for all the guests. Trees are galore, lending their exotic foliage to a sumptuous backdrop by day, while shimmering with tiny lights at night.

Loews Coronado Bay Resort, Coronado

This exciting venue is ideal for beach weddings. Set on a sandy peninsula, it offers fancy outdoor sites, as well as elegant indoor venues. Depending on how formal you wish it to be, the staff can recommend the most suitable venue and just about right doze of luxury. After all, Loews Coronado Bay Resort emanates opulence and class – if this is how you see your big day, this is the place.

Karl Strauss Brewery Gardens, Sorrento Valley

For couples who wish to make their wedding stand out should definitely consider Karl Strauss Brewery Gardens. The guests can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, first-class beers and original ales, as well as tantalizing food. Despite the inevitable tongue-in-cheek element, the Brewery offer top-notch wedding planning services. Their unofficial motto is ‘’every wedding is better with beer’’.

Marina Village, San Diego

Marina Village is special because it offers lavish banquet halls with multiple waterfront views, so you get the feeling of being outdoors, besides enjoying the view. The waterfront venue also boasts two outdoor ceremony sites, which even allow for dramatic entrances, such as in a horse-drawn carriage. The marina provides a lively backdrop for every outdoor wedding.

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