Lighting Ideas for Your Backyard Wedding: Encinitas Wedding Photographer’s Perspective

June 8, 2016 7:53 am Published by

If you decided to have your wedding reception in your backyard, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on elegance. With proper lighting, your backyard will simply glow. What’s more, intimate lighting can look tons more beautiful than the generic lighting fixtures you find in typical wedding venues. Just think about it – you can create your own unique wedding venue! Sure, there are many things to consider, but lighting is the one that can make all the difference.

Lantern candleholders

Since modern lantern candleholders come in different sizes, you can use them in various ways. For example, put block candles into larger iron-glass lanterns and use them to create your wedding aisle. This solution is very elegant and better suited for a stylish backyard ceremony than tiki torches, which are used more for beach wedding ceremonies and, to be honest, are a bit tacky.Lantern Candleholder - Wedding Photographer Encinitas

If you want to create something really special, suspend a couple of smaller lantern candleholders from your backyard tree. When lit at night, the suspended lights will look surreal, almost as if they were floating through the air. Instead of candles, you can fill the lanterns with tiny string light bulbs (for example 70 M5 mini LED) and create an impression there is a host of fireflies inside them. Simply beautiful.

Mason jars

If you crave suspended lights but you can’t afford the lanterns, you can easily make do with Mason jars. Simply put a long-burning candle or a light bulb in every Mason jar you wish to suspend. Your wedding photographer should take a couple of shots before your big day to make sure the candles or lights bulbs provide enough light necessary for the evening reception, so the magic can be fully captured in your wedding photographs.

You can also make three-mason-jar chandeliers that can be suspended from a tree branch above the altar or above the tables. These unusual chandeliers are sure to add to the subtle elegance of your backyard reception.

Kerosene lanterns

There are a couple of options when it comes to kerosene lanterns. For example, you can place smaller ones on the tables to get a charming rustic feel. Modern lanterns can be found in different colors or you can paint them yourself so they fit the color scheme you envisioned for your centerpieces. At dusk, kerosene lanterns cast a discreet light, twinkling delicately and creating an intimate atmosphere.

Candle Bowl - Wedding Photographer EncinitasFloating candles

Floating candles are perfect for centerpieces. You can choose an oval bowl and fill it with a combination of flowers and floating candles. If you want to do something different, you can use tall glass vases as candle bowls. You can put flowers, seashells or twigs in the water, and get attractive candle bowls to feature beautifully in your wedding album.

Strings of light

No matter how much space you have, you can always rely on light strings to make the space special. Wrap the strings around the tree trunks and/or branches – the glistening trees will transform your backyard into a fairytale oasis once the lights are on.

You can also suspend bistro string lights from your backyard tree and get a magic forest-like feel. Also, globe string lights come in various sizes and colors – some globes are multicolored – so you can choose whichever you like best and suspend them from the trees or across your backyard.

Tent of lights

To create a tent of lights, you need to have a high pole in or near the center of the backyard, from which you can suspend the string lights across the place so as to create a wonderful canopy of lights. This lighting structure is mind-blowing, yet simple.

Capture the magic

When choosing the lighting for your wedding reception, bear in mind that beauty is in the details. A talented Encinitas wedding photographer is able to capture the whole lighting arrangement and to accentuate the details to give you a wedding album that will be as special as your wedding day, but will last for years to come.