How to Look Stunning in Your Wedding Photographs

August 22, 2016 2:12 pm Published by

Happy Bride - Wedding Photographers in San DiegoAs your wedding day approaches, you definitely want to take some time to practice looking your best in the wedding photos. Don’t let anyone fool you – no one was born picture-perfect. The models you see on the covers of magazines may have more natural talent, but every single one of them admits to practicing in front of the mirror (perhaps that’s an easier one to admit than being photoshopped). Check out some tips that photographers in San Diego give about how to look stunning in each and every photograph.

Strike the celebrity pose

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t do some camera-savvy posing – it’s your wedding, all eyes are on you! Bask in the attention just like celebrities do on the red carpet. To practice the ‘’red carpet’’ pose, stand in front of the mirror and angle your body to it until you are in a profile pose that you’re most satisfied with. Try putting the weight on your back foot and see if you feel comfortable. Feel free to put your hand on your hip as additional support. And don’t forget to smile!

Avoid the ‘’stiff arms’’ pose

Chances are your wedding dress is sleeveless, which means you will be wondering what to do with your arms. Even women with slim arms have these problems – their arms often appear stiff and awkward. Instead of pressing your arms tight against your body, lift them slightly so that the elbows are just a bit lifted from the sides and there is room for biceps and triceps to breathe.

Hold the bouquet at your hip

A picture of the bride is incomplete without the bridal bouquet. However, you definitely don’t want the bouquet to hide your dress, so avoid lifting it above the line of your hips. Keep the arms slightly lifted as described above so that your forearm is at a 45-degree angle and voila – you are the image of grace and style.

Find your inner ballerina

Whether you’re posing for the photographer or not, keep your back straight and your shoulders slightly pulled back. Not only will you look thinner, but also more confident and graceful. To avoid looking stiff, take a couple of deep breaths to shake the tension. And of course, smile!

Chin up

The simple trick of lifting your chin elongates your neck. Practice lowering your shoulder toward the mirror while lifting your chin. You don’t want to lift the chin too much, though, so practice until you get it right.

Dodge the double-chin scare

Aargh – the double chin. Can you even remember how many times a perfect photograph was ruined because the skin under your chin appeared loose and unsightly? You may think that just because you are slim, it won’t happen to you. Believe me – it happens to everyone. But don’t let it ruin your wedding photographs! The trick is to move your head a bit forward and raise your chin slightly to elongate your neck and tighten the skin under your chin.

Smile with your eyes

No matter how ecstatic you are, you can’t grin all the time – at one point or another, it will look unnatural and stiff. As an alternative, let your eyes show how you feel. Just visualize all that positive energy as a ray of warm light glowing from within you and direct it towards your eye. Smiling eyes are by far the loveliest and most graceful feature on every bride.

Laugh out loud

One of the best ways to relax your face is to actually laugh out loud. You don’t really have to laugh out loud and roll on the floor, though, but don’t be afraid to laugh spontaneously. You will look more natural and genuinely happy. Don’t put your hand over your mouth when you laugh – let the camera capture your moment of spontaneity. Whatever you do – don’t slouch!

Don’t forget to blink

Just remember – it is the 21st century, a photographer can re-take any photo as many times as you like. If you are posing for the camera, don’t try so hard not to blink, or you’ll look like you’ve had too way much coffee. If you do blink, just ask the photographer to take another picture, adjust your pose and smile for the camera.

Say goodbye to heavy makeup

First thing first: do you want to risk layer after layer of makeup coming down your face and neck and onto your white dress? Didn’t think so. Besides, heavy makeup might even make you look less photogenic, especially if you go heavy on the bronzer. Cameras have a funny way of picking up orange hues and you definitely don’t want to risk your looking orangey in your wedding photos.

Whiten your teeth

Since your teeth will probably show in the majority of photographs, they too deserve proper grooming. You’ll definitely want to get rid of the surplus plaque before the whitening treatment. Get your teeth cleaned professionally and ask your dentist for the best whitening product that will be gentle to your teeth.

Get a manicure

The dress, the bouquet and of course – the ring! It would be a shame not to show off your beautiful wedding ring. Make sure you get a manicure before your engagement of wedding photo session so your hands look pretty and graceful.

Find your perfect smile

Even if you think you aren’t photogenic, there has to be at least one picture of you that you are satisfied with. Browse through some of your recent photographs, preferably with you wearing makeup, and find the one you like the most. Or ask a friend to choose a couple of photographs for you. Imitate the posture and facial expression in front the mirror. The goal is to become aware of your ‘’picture-perfect face’’. It’s so easy because you’ve already done it and you can reproduce it naturally instead of imitating someone else.

Consult the best wedding photographers in San Diego

The last tip on our list is far from being the least important. It is crucial that you find a photographer who will know how to highlight your beauty and charm and take pictures of you from your ‘’good side’’. Consult a few wedding photographers in San Diego and be sure to compare their portfolios and visions before you choose the best one for your wedding.