Picture-Perfect Ideas for a Halloween Wedding

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Want your wedding to be memorable not just for you but also for your guests? Want to ensure they all have a great time and lots of laughs? A themed wedding goes a long way in ensuring that, and nothing does the trick like Halloween! And just imagine how cool your Halloween wedding photographs will look like! Here are some practical ideas for a Halloween-themed wedding, from napkin rings to the wedding dress.

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Dark burgundy or crimson roses and calla lilies will definitely achieve a dramatic effect. If you prefer livelier colors, you can always assemble a wonderful autumn bouquet by mixing blood red and crimson calla lilies with orange or yellow roses.

Wedding Dress

Now this is where you can get really dramatic. Stun your guests with a silk black or blood red wedding gown. Pair it with a long lavish silk tulle veil.

Dracula’s Coat for the Groom

Why shouldn’t the groom have some Halloween fun too? For the groom to have the same spooky effect as the bride, nothing works better that a long black coat, very much like the one we see in movie adaptations of Count Vlad’s unfortunate story. Vampire fangs may go a bit over the top, though.

Dresses for the Flower Girls

The little ones will look absolutely lovely dressed as little witches, with black puffy dresses, black witch hats and cauldrons for the flower petals. They can even go dressed as little dark fairies, with orange wings and tiny pumpkins full of crimson petals. It would also be the perfect excuse for the girls to wear nail polish! Go with orange, or a mix of colors – the girls will love and it will add up nicely to the Halloween imagery.

Socks for the Groomsmen

Groomsmen can sport orange and black striped socks that will add a tongue-in-cheek element to their fancy suits.

Coffin-Shaped Ring Box

It’s spooky all the way! Instead of having a generic ring box, customize it to fit the overall Halloween wedding theme. The beauty is in these small details – draw the attention of your wedding photographer to details like these, so you can have them all captured in your wedding photos.

Black Candy Apples


It’s not Halloween without chocolate dipped apples. Dip red or green apples in dark chocolate and either add them to the candy buffet, or have waiters carry them on trays and serve at the reception.

Chocolate Dipped Apples - Wedding Photography Pacific Beach

Halloween-Themed Photo Booth

A quirky photo booth guarantees fun for all the guests and for the happy couple, too! You can make your own wedding photo booth with papier mâché, cardboard and some typical Halloween props – large orange pumpkins, cauldrons, broomsticks, leaves and papier mâché bats scattered all over the place.

Black-Leaved Backdrop

String black papier mâché leaves and display them either hanging from the ceiling or against the curtains or walls. They are a much better option that all-black curtains, even for a spooky holiday such as Halloween.


Arrange dark roses or calla lilies and place them in medium-size pumpkins. Be extra careful to choose only pumpkins with few visible marks. You can get all traditional and carve your and your loved one’s names on the pumpkins; in this case, put candles inside the pumpkins to illuminate it from within.

Halloween Candy Buffet

This place should burst with colors – a wide palette of reds, oranges and yellows, downplayed with some dark-chocolate browns. You can also put the colorful candies in transparent glass jars with funny labels.

Spooky Napkin Rings

Details matter! Instead of having run-of-the-mill napkin rings, replace them with tiny skulls or spiders. They will look so cute against the black napkins.

Engraved Spoons

Engraved silverware is very much en vogue as a wedding accessory, so have some fun with some eerie engravings such as ’’I love your guts’’, ’’I love you to pieces’’ or a more traditional one ’’I love you to death’’. And don’t forget to engrave little skulls, too!

The Cake

Three layers, five layers – who cares! As long as it is a big blood red statement of a cake with ’’Till Death Do Us Part’’ icing. Yummy!


Cupcakes somehow manage not only to be one of the most delicious things to eat, but also the most photogenic! You can have brown and beige cupcakes, which will go great with miniature witches and skeletons atop of each cupcake. Simply delicious!

Skeleton Wine Glasses

For ultimate spookiness, treat your guests to some true Halloween glassware – we suggest the Skeleton-Hand wine glasses!


Do you even need to ask? Carve a couple of pumpkins and place them as markers of the wedding isle or use them as typical Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns.

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