Lovely Hairstyle Ideas for Your Wedding

December 13, 2016 9:16 am Published by

For most brides, hair and makeup matter as much as the dress. If you are planning a wedding and you are still unsure about what hairdo to go for, our wedding photographers collected a few practical ideas for you try out and choose the one you like the most. Have fun trying different styles out, so when you choose the right one, you can wear it with confidence. If you feel beautiful, you will look beautiful in all your wedding photographs.

Ballerina Bun

This hairdo is not only dramatic and elegant but also extremely practical. You can wear a bun with almost any type of wedding dress. What’s more, it solves the issues of bridesmaids’ hairdos, as well. Typically, the bride would wear a bumped-up bun, whereas the bridesmaids would have lower style buns, but it’s not uncommon to have it the other way around.

With a high bun, you will definitely give off an aura of confidence. It also combines perfectly with larger hairclips, just in case you wanted to add the extra sparkle to your outfit.


Chignon Hairstyle - Wedding Photographer CoronadoMore and more brides are going for a more relaxed version of a bun – chignon. This lovely hairstyle is unimaginably flexible; you can choose to leave the soft face-framing layers or add more texture to the back. Some brides go for the asymmetrical look to add more oomph to the hairstyle.

What’s also great about this ‘do is that you can further adorn it with accessories. The pieces can either complement the architectural twists at the back or provide an interesting contrast.

Bride with the Bouquet - Wedding Photographer CoronadoBraids

Braids are charmingly delicate and romantic. Brides usually go for braids if the wedding is less formal, but with a couple of skilled modifications to the original braided hairdo, this look can be just as great for more formal weddings.

If you envisioned an intimate, backyard wedding, go for miniature braid buns at the back, while letting the rest of your hair fall down in soft waves. For a truly feminine look, you can’t go wrong with the traditional fishbone braid ‘do.

Another great idea is to coil mini braids together in a bun. It will provide the texture and lightness you want, but won’t come apart even after a whole day of dancing.


For a special occasion, you would need a special kind of ponytail. Remember, a ponytail is less formal than a chignon, but you can still make it look both casual and smart. You can tie your hair in a mid-low ponytail and dress it up with extra layers of hair. You will get a fresh look, but also the delicate lines and curves.

You can always tuck your low wavy ponytail over one shoulder for a touch of youthful elegance.


Bride on the Beach - Wedding Photographer CoronadoSkillfully-styled waves look breathtaking. The most important thing is to apply just enough hairspray to ensure your waves will stay beautiful during the whole day of hugging, kissing and dancing.

For maximum effect, have delicate ombré highlights that will accentuate the wavy texture. This amazingly simple ‘do can add a flirtatious note even to the most serious of dresses.

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