DIY Crafts to Add a Playful Note to Your Wedding Photographs

November 30, 2016 9:26 am Published by

Bride & Groom Bubbles - Wedding Photography Del MarYou invested so much time and energy into finding the right wedding dress, charming dresses for the bridesmaids or original cufflinks or other quirky outfit details for the groom and his groomsmen. You chose the perfect venue, the colors and style of the decorations. But still, you might feel it’s not quite enough. What you need is something personal and unique to spice up a beautiful venue. And some pro Del Mar wedding photography skills to capture all the fine details that will make your wedding memories even more colorful.

Here are a couple of DIY wedding decoration projects you can do on a modest budget – all you need is enthusiasm and a bit of time!

Bottles with a Message

The practical side of this DIY project is that you don’t have to have that many bottles. Choose the bottle design you prefer, decide on the number of bottles you want, and seal them with the message note inside. This is such a simple thing, but adds a touch of nostalgia and romance.

Book Page Flower Arrangements

Instead of thinking about what kind and color of flowers will best fit the wedding decoration style, go for the absolute hit – make flower centerpieces out of old book pages. It would be such a shame to get rid of all those old book you believe you will never read again. Find a more practical use for them instead. Imagine a close-up of one of these pieces – it will account for a fantastic photo!

Lights, Lights Everywhere

Nothing, absolutely nothing, sets the atmosphere better than a well-chosen lighting. You can play with different-sized chandeliers and light bulb strings in whatever color you like. For a really enchanting feel, choose chic miniature lanterns with candles inside, and place them here and there on the tables. For the rest of the venue, you can opt for charming, slightly larger lanterns with elongated candles inside – place them on the floor or the grass and they will give off subtle light that will transform your wedding venue into a fairytale place.

Quirky Confetti

Who says that you need traditional confetti, corn or flower petals? Go with the unexpected! Have your guests blow bubbles in celebration of you and your loved one saying ‘’I do’’. Can you imagine the magical tone of those wedding photographs? Everyone will be delighted and you will have genuine smiles captured in a picture-perfect moment.

Unique Boxes with ‘’Party Flavors’’

You can make your own party-flavor boxes out of shiny, colorful cardboard. If you so choose, you can have printed boxes that will display your favorite quotations about love and happiness. Match the colors of the boxes with the style of the venue decorations and place one box next to or on every plate for your guests. They are sure to be a lovely detail in every photograph.

Creative Wedding Photography Del Mar

Pics or it didn’t happen! If you had a creative idea and you wanted to include it in your wedding venue decoration, make sure it is captured in high-quality photos. The beauty is in these little details, and it takes a skilled wedding photographer in Del Mar to recognize and include them in the photos. At Stunning Photography, we are dedicated to bringing your vision to light, and making it colorful and memorable. Contact us to learn more about our passion for wedding photography and what we can do to make your wedding photos captivating.