5 Creative Wedding Flower Ideas: Make Your Wedding Day Blossom

June 5, 2017 3:01 pm Published by

After finding your perfect wedding dress, choosing the perfect venue, possibly on one of the beautiful San Diego beaches, and spicing it up with personal details and lighting, you may consider some lovely decorations.

Flowers are a gorgeous way to decorate your wedding ceremony and reception and, along with the rest of the details, they can make all the difference. They add beauty and are an important part of the latest wedding photography San Diego trends.

Of course, you’ll need an impressive bouquet to hold as you walk down the aisle, and your bridesmaids will also need one. But it doesn’t end there. Go beyond color and type of flowers. Make your wedding day blossom with these five creative flower arrangement ideas.

Garland-draped ceiling

Take your wedding reception to new heights by hanging greenery overhead or adding it to the support beams of your outdoor tent. Go for leafy branches, ivy or even maidenhair to make it luscious. Create a soft and charming atmosphere with a lengthy strand of eucalyptus leaves and colorful fresh flowers. You may liven up the room with a vineyard feel by suspending a slew of vines or branches above the tables.

Hanging greenery decorations are likely to be the first thing your guests see when they enter the room, so it’s a great way to create a focal point in the space. These decorations will also make the ceiling seem taller and space look larger.

Floor-to-ceiling arrangement

Flower walls add a whole new level of romance and beauty to your venue. Create a marvelous setting for your wedding photographs and your own red-carpet moment with a freestanding structure. Decorate it with roses and leafy camellia branches. You can add a touch of wildness by making a verdant wall using grape ivy vines and ferns.

Floral fountain

If your venue has a pool or a fountain, get creative with the décor. Accessorize the fountain with cascading greenery and hydrangea to imitate an overflow. Make a beautiful romantic setting for your outdoor wedding reception by adding lily pads and floating candles to the pool.

Floral chandelier

Infuse the space with nature by adorning a chandelier and light fixtures with a few vines, peonies or even wispy olive branches. This is a great way to show off flowers, and you won’t have to sacrifice any tabletop space.

Floral chairs

Another creative way to display flowers and also draw attention to your bridesmaids and groomsmen is to decorate the back of the reception chairs. Use garlands and beautiful fragrant fresh blooms for an elegant and refined look.

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These floral arrangements and decorations will help you make your own dreamy wedding. And you’d want all those lovely details to be given a special place in high-quality photos.

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