Dos and Don’ts of Beach Wedding Makeup

March 30, 2017 8:11 am Published by

Beach weddings are simply gorgeous! If you are planning on saying your vows on one of San Diego’s beautiful beaches, there are some things you simply mustn’t overlook.

Apart from the dress, the hairstyle and accessories, you have to think about your makeup in advance.

The golden rule of beach makeup (beach weddings are no exception) is LESS IS MORE. Heavy makeup will only make a bad contrast with your dress and the surroundings, not mention look terrible in photographs. A good San Diego wedding photographer will always advise you against applying tons of blusher and a heavy-weight foundation – do you want to look orangey in your wedding photos? Absolutely not.

When it comes to beach wedding makeup, here are some practical tips.

Go for a light foundation

If there is a combination that screams disaster, it’s definitely a think foundation combined with a heavy concealer. This is a total opposite of the freshness you want to achieve. To get solid coverage but avoid caking on your makeup, choose a light-to-medium coverage foundation and a light primer. Rub the mix in your fingers and then apply it evenly to your face.

Use the powder for touch-ups only

If you have followed the first tip, you already have pretty good coverage that allows your skin to breathe. In essence, you don’t really need the powder, except for a touch-up here and there to remove excess oil from the T-zone.

Extra tip: use oil-blotting sheets for touch-ups instead of the powder and your skin will be very grateful!

Bride Putting on Makeup - Wedding Photographer San Diego

Replace the bronzer with water-resistant foundation

While we all like a touch of bronzer to give the skin the much-coveted natural-looking glow, you should find an alternative for it for your beach ceremony. What you need is water-resistant foundation 3-4 shades darker than your bronzer. One drop will suffice to make you glow!

Use creamy eyeshadow

Every photographer in San Diego will advise you against powdery eyeshadow and tell you to choose a creamy one instead. For your beach wedding, you can pick a neutral shade, but you can be as creative as you want – as look as you got a waterproof eyeshadow.

Be extra patient with the eye pencil

Eyeliners and eye pencils can be a real drag. It takes lots of practice to get it right, and even when you get the hang of it, it still takes patience. In this case – even more. Take your time and make sure you push deep into the lash line so the eye pencil doesn’t wear off.

And don’t forget…

Beach or no beach, you simply need mascara. You never know whether or when you’ll burst into tears of joy, so make sure your mascara is waterproof.

Finally, the way you feel will reflect on the way you look. With some tried-and-tested photography tricks and light makeup, you can be sure your happiness will transpire!