Avoid These Common Wedding Photography Mistakes

November 10, 2016 10:18 am Published by

While finding the right wedding photographer for your Ocean Beach wedding might be the answer for most of your wedding photo-shoot concerns, here is what you should do to avoid making typical mistakes couples make with their wedding photo session.

Be Specific about the Big Day Photo-Shoot Schedule

It’s extremely important to consult your photographer about the best times during the day to take photos. This applies especially to group photos; if you have an extensive guest list, chances are it will take some time for everyone to get to be in the picture with the bride and the groom. Make sure the light is good during the whole of that time.

Also, let your photographer know when you will have the wedding ceremony so that they can carry the necessary equipment, such as additional lighting, in case the light is not good at that particular time of day (or night).

Take the venue into account as well. If you have found the perfect wedding venue offering a breathtaking view of the sunset, make sure your photographer knows that.

Be Specific about What You Want to Look Like

This may sound a bit strange, but it’s actually essential. Your wedding photographer needs to know how you like being photographed; maybe you like seeing yourself laughing in photos, or simply smiling. Some couples don’t like being photographed while they kiss at their wedding, while others are all about it.

While you should definitely ask the opinion of your wedding photographer about how to pose and from which angle, you should also voice your own preferences. Show your photographer some of the photos of yourself that you really like, so that they get a clear idea of how you want to see yourself in your wedding photos.

Bride - Wedding Photographer Ocean Beach

Take Your Time during the Photo Shoot

Many couples make a wild guess about how long their wedding shoot will last, and they mostly underestimate the time they will actually need. Don’t let this happen to you – consult your wedding photographer, ask for their honest opinion about how much time you will need for the photos to be perfect. If you are in a hurry, you will look nervous in your wedding photos, and that is pretty much the last thing you want.

Keep an Eye on Uncle Bob

Photographers have a name for that one relative (or friend, for that matter) that simply ignores the fact you hired a professional wedding photographer, but chooses to flash their camera whenever they feel like it. Although it’s really harsh to forbid anyone from taking photos at your wedding, these photos don’t usually turn out well. Either the lighting is bad, or someone’s head or arm gets cut off from the photo. You definitely want to look spontaneous in the photos, but maybe not that spontaneous.

Perhaps most importantly, camera-flashing wedding guests often get in the way of hired professionals. If your wedding photographer is taking a group photo and there is more than one camera, your guests (and even yourself) won’t know where to look, so the photos may come off awkward.

Don’t Look at the Camera All the Time

If you keep looking at the camera whenever you see the photographer approaching, you will look stiff. Try to relax, walk around, dance, smile, have fun with your loved ones and your photographer will record the atmosphere. Genuine happiness is much easier to capture, so don’t hold back; don’t worry – be happy!

Start Looking for a Wedding Photographer on Time

It’s not so much about finding a good photographer – it’s about finding one you will click with. There are excellent photographers whose style you can simply hate. Or maybe they focus on details you find irrelevant or miss something you find really important.

To find an Ocean Beach wedding photographer you will be truly satisfied with, ask around – look at your friends’ wedding photos and schedule an appointment with the photographers whose work you like. Or simply take a look at a photographer’s portfolio. Take your time – you may have to knock on several doors before you open the right one.

Don’t Skip the Engagement Session

Even if you are convinced you have found the right wedding photographer in Ocean Beach, every photographer will tell you that having an engagement session is a smart move. First of all, you will see your photographer’s work in progress and suggest any changes. You will also see yourself from a different angle and figure out what poses or facial expressions work best for you.

Remember, you can achieve perfection if you prepare thoroughly and be clear about what you want right from the start. Then, when the big day comes, you simply relax and enjoy!